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“Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting there.”

-John P. Kotter

High performing Health and Safety Leaders are curious around the following questions…How do we evolve? How does my team grow? How do we do it with the right resources to stay motivated?

To answer those questions, leaders and their teams must know:

  • Who they are…who they really are

  • Where they are going

  • How they are going to get there

  • That they have the leadership to commit and execute

S. Colligan Coaching and Consulting is rooted in digging deep for leaders and/or teams to excavate the next-level of performance with mindfulness and intention through coaching and strategy consultation.


Coaching is a thought-provoking, inspirational, and creative process to unlock the next level of your leadership. Coaching is offered in two forms; The Group Coaching and Individual Coaching.

Are you feeling stuck? Do you know there is more to your leadership, but you haven’t accessed it? Is something stopping you from living to your potential? Coaching may be for you if you’re ready to put in the work necessary to elevate.

What is holding you back from thriving as the best version of you? If you’re ready, set up a free discovery call with me today. Book Online Now


“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish”.

Mindful Strategy is getting out of the rat race—the exhausting cycle of firefighting, reaction, checking the box, and trying to achieve unattainable goals.

The process of mindful strategy is a collaboration with your team to really know what they need, create a vision, build a strategic plan, commit, and execute for years.

Each strategic plan must be effective, efficient, and sustainable. The mindful strategy process is evergreen, can be scaled, and repeated every three years for tangible results in health and safety program management.

Speaking and Team Engagement

Speaking engagements are fun, engaging, motivating, and energizing. Each event is customized to your objectives. Contact Me to book me for your next event.

Hi, I’m Subena Colligan

Some years ago, I was a health and safety professional turning my wheels. I would often ask myself “Do they [operational leaders] even need me?

The questions were coming because I felt like I was constantly in reaction mode, fire-fighting, or expected to just “check the box”. The mantra was Safety First, but no matter where I went, it was clear that safety was not the priority.

The shift happened when I realized two things,

  1. Who I was as a person (first and foremost)

  2. Who I was as a health and safety professional

  3. The identity of my organization

  4. Stopped dwelling on where we were and created a visual of where are going

The access to these truths in my life has led to my ability to deliver transformation for my clients at the individual and organizational level through coaching and strategy consulting.

My experiences as a United States Air Force Veteran, (Chair-Elect) Board Director, health and safety leader, senior leader advisor, and yoga instructor have led me

  • to speak in front of thousands

  • lead educational webinars

  • publish resources for H&S pros

No matter what I’ve accomplished, the most important will always be finding who I am, getting out of the rat race, and sharing that same knowledge with others.


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