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Hi, I’m Subena Colligan

Some years ago, I was a health and safety professional turning my wheels. The most prominent question amongst my peers was “Do they [operational leaders] even need me?

That question of value led to an incredible journey of self realization, 30% reduction year over year in injuries, confidence from Executive Leaders, and 100% reduction in findings from 3rd party organizations. The numbers were good, but developing systems where people enjoyed their work was the goal.

No matter what I’ve accomplished, the most important will always be sharing knowledge with others to truly enjoy their work. I believe that the most important asset is people. People that are able live as humans, not machines constantly producing. People need healthy and safe environments as a part of basic human needs. Health and Safety professionals provide the expertise but it is much harder when the systems are not set up to give enough time and space to do it well.

What would you achieve if you got back time? If your people felt supported, while you were able to focus on the big ticket items? The euphoria is hard to imagine sometimes because we are constantly in reaction mode, fire-fighting, or expected to just “check the box”. The mantra is Safety First, but sometimes it is clear that safety is not the priority.

All of the above resulted in my journey to coaching manifesting. After being coached (the secret weapon our our operational counterparts have access to) and completing Executive Coaching training at the University of Georgia. There were two primary keys to bring out the best in individuals to lead their organizations:

  1. Coach the weaknesses. Ray Dalio says “The fastest path to success starts with knowing what your weaknesses are and staring hard at them”. We are taught to focus on strengths, but the weaknesses are the culprit in the pattern of mistakes that lead to inefficiencies and frustrations.

  2. Develop a system with principles, policies, values, goals, and plans….then stick to them. The system is the final key to improving the wellbeing of an organization and aligning purpose to the work.

The access to these truths has led to my ability to deliver transformation for my clients at the individual and organizational level through coaching and strategy consulting.

My experiences as a United States Air Force Veteran, Board Director (Board for Global EHS Credentialing), health and safety leader, senior leader advisor, and mindfulness  instructor have led me:

  • to speak in front of thousands

  • lead educational webinars

  • publish resources for H&S pros

Most of all, the experiences have allowed the passion for people in the health and safety profession to find greater access to joy in their work, save time for themselves, empower their ability to lead and influence others, and have open honest conversations about what is holding them back from their greatness.

S. Colligan Coaching and Consulting

S. Colligan Coaching and Consulting is rooted in digging deep for leaders and/or teams to excavate the next-level of performance with mindfulness and intention through coaching and strategy consultation.


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