Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.

- Timothy Gallwey


Coaching is an important leadership tool to:

  • build rapport

  • solve problems proactively

  • help your team member realize their next level of excellence

  • lower attrition, and

  • avoid burnout

The barriers to providing the rightful amount of time to professional development and coaching are countless. Do your barriers show up as meetings? Deadlines? Last-minute requests? Changing circumstances (ahem—COVID-19)? Firefighting that goes along with managing a health and safety program?

The challenge is not that you aren’t invested in your people, the trade-off is time and attention to the Health and Safety System that need your leadership as well.

Are you the Health and Safety Professional that is the trade-off? Are you ready to be invested in? Are you ready to vault to the next level of you?

Each Coaching Program is curated specifically for health and safety professionals that are ready to maximize their performance through mindful principles and strategic applications. Coaching is offered for Groups and Individuals.

While the professional gets the coaching, leaders benefit as well. Having a high performer in your organization is an obvious benefit, what could happen if you had peace of mind that your high performer was constantly engaged? What does it cost if they aren’t?

Group Coaching

The 90 Day Group Coaching experience consists of:

  • A 6 person cohort

  • 3- 90 minute video group sessions

  • Monthly 30 minute 1:1 confidential sessions

  • Influence Assessment

  • Resources to support progress

  • Email support

  • A welcome gift from me

Leaders complete this experience able to:

  • Articulate their truth, vision and purpose

  • Communicate skills to influence others

  • Use mindfulness tools to lead themselves and others

  • Build personal and program strategy for any circumstance

  • Activate their network for success

The 90 day coaching program is offered 3x/year, with start dates in January, May, and August.

What is holding you back from growing your team?

What are you giving up by not leading as the best version of yourself?

What could you gain?

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a thought-provoking, inspiring, collaboration that vaults you from current state to exploring your possibility. The work is tailored to you, meeting you where you are, with a commitment from both of us to get you to where you want to be, and beyond.

Coaching uses tools in mindfulness and the Mindful Strategy to align your:

  • Truths

  • Beliefs

  • Influence, and

  • Goal Obtaining

In a way that serves you and allows you to lead your life mindfully, fulfilled, and with intention.

A coaching relationship looks like:

  • 3 month collaborative commitment

  • 2x/month 1:1 confidential sessions

  • Influence Assessment

  • Resources to support progress

  • Email support

  • A welcome gift from me

Are you ready to obtain your next level of performance?

About Subena Colligan

Some years ago, I was a health and safety professional turning my wheels. I would often ask myself “Do they [operational leaders] even need me?

The questions were coming because I felt like I was constantly in reaction mode, fire-fighting, or expected to just “check the box”. The mantra was Safety First, but no matter where I went, it was clear that safety was not the priority.

The shift happened when I realized two things,

  1. Who I was a person (first and foremost)

  2. Who I was as a health and safety professional

  3. The identity of my organization

  4. Stopped dwelling on where we were and created a visual of where are going

The access to these truths in my life has led to my ability to deliver transformation for my clients at the individual and organizational level through coaching and strategy consulting.

My experiences as a United States Air Force Veteran, (Chair-Elect) Board Director, health and safety leader, senior leader advisor, and yoga instructor have led me

  • to speak in front of thousands

  • lead educational webinars

  • publish resources for H&S pros

No matter what I’ve accomplished, the most important will always be finding who I am, getting out of the rat race, and sharing that same knowledge with others.


Not ready to explore the next step? Let’s stay in touch. You will still receive tips, Master Classes, and more.

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